How’s Kate Celebrating the End of The 20s?

As the Duchess of Cambridge bows out of her 20s, the question on everyone’s lips is, what will she be doing to celebrate her entry into her 30s?  In other words, is there a big bash planned for Kate’s special three decade birthday? 

Apparently, plans have indeed by underway for quite some time, by her sister and brother-in-law who are walking on the wild side vis-à-vis the big night. The two partners-in-crime are said to have been recruiting some good friends to help make it a night to remember for the Duchess as well.

The big night is tomorrow, January 9, and it’s all set to go ahead with an 80s theme (given that it was the decade in which the royal was born). Apparently plans for the party have been in the works for months.

First, ‘Save the Date’ cards were sent out.  The party will be held in London and will probably feel somewhat contradictory in themes with a sense of royalness but also some light-hearted karaoke, bringing the tone down somewhat!  In a few years’ time from now, when the royal couple have been married awhile, it may not be so easy for her to really let her hair down in such a way so this party is set to let her do that.  And if she enjoys singing pop that was famous in the 1980s like “Her Name is Rio” by Duran Duran and “Holiday” by Madonna, more power to her!