A World of Beauty with TEFAF New York

TEFAF New York Fall 2016 is coming to the Park Avenue Armory and many exhibitors and organizers are getting ready. This is a unique fair that will bring together 93 top experts in fine and decorative art and design to showcase their beautiful items together in one location.

TEFAF New York is a collaborative effort taking place from October 21-26 as a joint effort between TEFAF Maastricht and Artvest. TEFAF New York and Artvest Partners created a panel of eight judges to evaluate inclusion into the fair. The list of participants includes, among many others: French & Company, Haboldt Pictura, Hirschl & Adler Galleries, Jack Kilgore & Co., Les Enluminures, Lillian Nassau, Menconi + Schoelkopf, Michele Beiny, Mireille Mosler, Otto Naumann, Phoenix Ancient Art, Primavera Gallery, Richard L. Feigen & Co., S.J. Shrubsole, Safani Gallery, Siegelson and Taylor Graham.

Phoenix Ancient Art
Phoenix Ancient Art booth design for TEFAF

Phoenix Ancient Art is centering their exhibit around items inspired by the Pantheon in Rome. Describing their collection, and the recreation of the Pantheon that they are using for their booth at the Park Avenue Armory, co-owner of Phoenix Ancient Art, Hicham Aboutaam said,

“I never miss an opportunity to visit and experience the Pantheon whenever I am in Rome. The inspiration of this domed temple, a unique masterwork of architecture, lies not only in its perfect form and unparalleled preservation, but also in the embodiment of the spirit of the Classical world seen in all of its ancient glory — all the more remarkable as it is still visible in our own time.”

TEFAF New York has lofty goals which mirror those of the TEFAF fairs that have taken place around the world. As a leading provider of art fairs, they have become a location which collectors, sellers and museum representatives see as invaluable.

Now, esteemed exhibitors like A La Vieille Russie, Adam Williams Fine Art Ltd, Phoenix Ancient Art and others will come together for this elegant and enlightening week in New York.