Buying a New Dining-Room Table

Summer is on the way out and there is already a gentle buzz around the upcoming holidays.

Many families have already begun planning their activities, parties and family get-togethers, and as a result, are off to buy new dining room tables.

In an article for Enterprise News, Mary Carol Garrity presents five important questions to ask yourself before purchasing a dining table:

1. Will the table be used every day or only when you entertain?
How do you use your dining table? Is it the hub of your home, the place where your family gathers for every meal, where the kids do their homework and where you spread out your current project? Or do you use it only on special occasions?
If your table will be in constant use, you’ll want one that can take a lot of abuse and still look lovely. I’d steer you one with a more distressed top, so any nicks or dings won’t be as noticeable. Or, one that has a tough, durable surface that’s also easy to clean…

2. How many people do you need to seat at the table?
If possible, select a table that can seat everyone even during the holidays. That may mean one with extra leaves.

3. What is the style of the room where you’ll dine?
Your dining table needs to harmonize with the room’s style. Notice I didn’t say the table needs to “match.” I like it when people mix things up, weaving together different sorts of furniture to keep the interior design interesting.
Pinpoint the room’s style. Is it traditional, contemporary or transitional? Formal or informal? What about your home’s overall style? You want the table to look like it belongs.

4. What size table and chairs will fit?
One of the biggest mistakes is getting a dining table that’s too large for the space. At minimum, you need to allow a berth of 36 inches around the table just to pull out standard-sized dining chairs. If you’re using larger chairs, you’ll need even more room.

5. What type of chairs do you want around your table?
Picking chairs to go with your dining table is fun these days. Table and chair combos are exciting and dynamic, giving you the freedom to tailor them to reflect your design style.