The Super Bowl is Going to the Dogs…Sort Of.

This year’s Super Bowl commercial looks like it will be quite interesting.  Animals have been used in previous such commercials, but this year Volkswagen is teaming up with some furry friends along with an untraditional rendition of Star Wars music! Last year a child was dressed up as Darth Vader with the Star Wars music in the background.  But this year is going to be quite different…

The difference this year is that there will not be a child dressed up, but several dogs decked out in Star Wars clothing. But, instead of listening to the actual Star Wars theme tune, you will be privy to hearing the dogs barking the Star Wars theme song! 

There is a teaser video for those who cannot believe this is actually going to happen.  And for those who want to wait for a surprise, they can enjoy the full version of it at the upcoming Super Bowl.