Top Super Bowl Commercials of 2014

Millions of people gathered in front of their televisions on Sunday to watch the epic showdown between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. Though the game ended up being surprisingly anticlimactic, this year’s Super Bowl commercials have garnered worldwide attention, and social media outlets have been buzzing with them for the past several days.

So far, according to twitter, Facebook and other social media shares, this year’s top ten Super Bowl ads are:

Budweiser’s “Puppy Love”

Dannon Oikos’ Full House Reunion

Toyota’s ad starring Terry Crew and The Muppets

Budweiser’s “Ian Up for Whatever”

Jaguar’s “British Villains”

Cheerios’ “Gracie”

Carmax’s “Slow Clap/Slow Bark”

GoPro’s “Red Bull Stratos”

Beats Music’s “Ellen DeGeneres”

Kia’s “The Truth”

Which was your favorite?