Say Bye-Bye to Car Stereos

It seems that car CD players could very possibly soon become obsolete.  Car manufacturer Ford is hoping to bring car entertainment into the digital age with its new cars.  By doing this, it will enable drivers to get their music, digitally, through the Internet.  According to a Daily Mail report, Ford has “become the first mainstream manufacturer to scrap the in-car CD multichanger.”

Focus Plugged-In

The Ford Focus will now come complete with a USB socket that will enable “digital music players to be plugged in.”  It will be equipped with a Sync “infotainment hub.”  This will ultimately lead to Wi-Fi options through a dongle.  Therefore, everyone will be able to use their iPods, iPhones, etc.  According to Ford’s Global Trends and Futuring manager, Sheryl Connelly, this is important if Ford wants to “keep up with the needs of its customers.”  She said, “in-car entertainment technology is moving digital more rapidly than almost any other element of the vehicle experience.   The in-car CD player – much like pay telephones – is destined to fade away in the face of exciting new technology.”

CD Sales Plummeting

The move really makes sense since anyway sales of Ford’s car CD players had been on a long-term decline, which is pretty much the same as where disc sales are holding.  Just last year CD album sales dropped around 12.4 percent in the United Kingdom, simultaneous to an increase in digital versions by 30.6 percent.