Want an Improved Sex Life? Drink Up Your Pomegranate Juice

A new study by researchers from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh might just peak the interest in those looking to rev up their sex drive. The study involved 58 volunteers from 21 through 64.  Both men and women were given a daily glass of pomegranate juice, and were shown to have surges in their testosterone level, and consequently their sex drive as a result.

Pomegranates have already been classified as a superfood.  Testosterone in men affects facial hair and voice, and offers greater sexual urges. For women this hormone produces female adrenal glands and ovaries while strengthening bones and muscles. The study even showed that testosterone can elevate mood and help with memory, while relieving stress.

Pomegranates have also been known to help fight certain forms of cancer, to cure stomach upsets and conjunctivitis and to alleviate the problems associated with osteoarthritis.

In the Edinburgh study, they measured testosterone levels, blood pressure and 11 emotions. They found that, with only one glass of the juice, testosterone levels increased somewhere between 16 and 30% while blood pressure went done dramatically. They also found that positive emotions were heightened and negative ones repressed.