A Holiday Gift from the Mesa Verde Center and Shlomo Rechnitz

The Mesa Verde Post Acute Care Center in Costa Mesa has started a program that others should follow. They have a new wish-granting program for patients that is sponsored by the Acute Care Center’s owner, Shlomo Rechnitz. During the holidays, the center administrator Scott Meppen asked patients to share what they most wanted over the holidays.

Roy Casey shared his very sad story. In October, his son Paul Casey was killed in a motorcycle accident. The loss took a very large toll on Roy, he suffered a fall, re-aggravated a back injury and ended up at the Mesa Verde Post Acute Care Center. He explained that all that he wanted for the holidays was to see his family.

The center, however, had other ideas. They planned a limousine ride and dinner at Park Ave restaurant for Roy and his family. As Roy said, “I was very grateful. I had been in … bed for about 10 weeks before.”

As Scott Meppen explained, the gift from Shlomo Rechnitz and the center was “an opportunity to give him not just a present but time and memories with his family. I asked him what his favorite restaurant was, then called his family to help coordinate the evening.”

On December 29th, a limo arrived at the Mesa Verde center and drove Roy and much of his family to Stanton for dinner. Roy was one of the first to receive this generosity from Rechnitz’s new program.

Hopefully others will follow suit.