Fascinating Study Links 5 Disorders

Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston has just concluded a fascinating study that could revolutionize how doctors look at autism, ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression and schizophrenia. In their study, they have found that these five disorders share a common genetic root.

As study leader Dr. Jordan Smoller told NBC News, “We have been able to discover specific genetic variants that seem to overlap among disorders that we think of as very clinically different.”

They found markers that were more common in people with one of these disorders than with others. They also found mutations in two genes that help to govern the balance of calcium in the brain cells.

Scientists came to their conclusions after looking at the genetic code of more than 33,000 patients with mental disorders and 27,888 patients without these issues. It was actually the most comprehensive study on genetic links to psychiatric illness that was ever conducted.

Dr Smoller explained some of the ramifications of the study. As he said, “Significant progress has been made in understanding the genetic risk factors underlying psychiatric disorders. Our results provide new evidence that may inform a move beyond descriptive syndromes in psychiatry and towards classification based on underlying causes.”

Obama Bids Farewell to Ferraro

The first woman to ever be on a presidential ticket has passed away. Geraldine Ferraro died yesterday at 75 in Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, after struggling with a blood cancer for 12 years. Clearly she will be missed. Even President Barack Obama was heard praising the lady for her service, saying that her impact will be felt on the lives of his daughters.

In an election concession speech, Ferraro said: “for two centuries, candidates have run for president. Not one from a major party ever asked a woman to be his running mate — until Walter Mondale…Campaigns, even if you lose them, do serve a purpose. My candidacy has said the days of discrimination are numbered.”

She was a strong, courageous lady who will be sorely missed. Her legacy is bound to live on.