Why Breaking the Bulge is so Hard

There have been many studies over the years as to why it is apparently so tough for some people to lose weight.  But now, new research is indicating that those who are losing the battle shouldn’t feel so bad.  Apparently, they might not be 100% to blame.  In theory, our taste-buds did originally crave healthy food, but over the years have been genetically-engineered to crave high fat, sugar and calorie foods.  In other words, the problem is, we’ve created foods that taste better than nature’s so it has become tougher to market cucumber than a bucket of popcorn.

This leads to greater problems as unhealthy foods can be extremely addictive.  One study even showed that when rats were given processed foods regularly, their brain chemistry changed and they became obese, losing the capacity to determine when they were hungry and refused healthy food.

Good News for Bulge Battlers

It’s not all doom and gloom though for those battling the bulge.  It is possible to become “addicted” to healthy foods once you eat lots of them and quit with the unhealthy ones.  For example, Marcia Pelchat, a food psychologist, gave test participants a low-fat drink that wasn’t so tasty and after drinking it for a while, they enjoyed it.  So if you don’t initially like tomatoes, try eating them every day for a couple of weeks and see if your taste-buds adapt.

Like any habit, eating unhealthily takes time to change.  But if you keep at it, there is a way to become a healthy eater and win the battle against the bulge for good.