Five Must-See Stops During the Olympics

Whether you’re in London right now for the opening of the Olympics, you just happen to be traveling at the same time, or you live near the city, there are many things to do in the area right now. Of course, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll go to see some of the sporting events. For those on a more strict budget, or for those who didn’t get tickets, here are some other activities that will be sure to keep you busy in this lovely city.

  1. Be a tourist – you can always take in another visit to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and other hot spots around London. There is enough to do as a tourist in London to occupy days, if not longer. Take a look around and get started!
  2. Enjoy time at London’s famous museums. Check out the British Design 1948-2012 exhibit at the V&A right now through August 12th.
  3. Enjoy the Royal Collection exhibit at Buckingham Palace. As part of the Jubilee celebration, they have an exhibit at the moment called Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration.
  4. Check out the unique pop-up museum coming from the AOTO in Florida. The Art of the Olympians Museum and Gallery is bringing over some of its works by past and present Olympians at UCL’s Main Wilkins Building on Gower Street in Central London.
  5. Enjoy the London 2012 Festival which will include 12,000 art, film and food events, concerts, plays and more. It is running now until September 9th, when the Paralympics ends. Come and be part of the fun with film director Mike Leigh, singers Leona Lewis and Damon Albarn, artist Tracey Emin and more.