Your Lifestyle Choices Matter

Researchers at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville have shown that your lifestyle choices definitely matter for your life expectancy.  They have linked longer life to a combination of five key healthy lifestyle factors.

Following the lifestyle choices of Chinese women, Dr. Wei Zheng and colleagues found five key components.  These include: normal weight, low belly fat, regular physical activity, limited secondhand cigarette exposure and a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables.

In a statement, Dr. Zheng explained that,  “The results show that overall lifestyle modification, to include a combination of these health-related lifestyle factors, is important in disease prevention.”

Published in the journal PloS Medicine, the research tracked 71,243 non-smoking, non-drinking Chinese women aged 40-70 for nine years.

Warning: Coaching May Be Dangerous to Your Health

Many people don’t realize just how stressful being a sports coach truly is.  Michigan State Coach Mark Dantonio had a heart attack this week, following Saturday’s overtime victory against Notre Dame.  Winning can truly be hazardous to your health in the coaching field.

Certainly, heredity and physical health play roles in your heart’s health, but so do your lifestyle and pressures.  Football coaches earn their big bucks with incredibly long hours of coaching and worries about recruiting and future potentials for the team.

Certainly, other coaches should take heed of the lesson from Coach Mark Dantonio and focus as much on their health as they do on their game.