Is coffee good for you?

coffeeAs a college student, I drink a lot of coffee. A lot. Of course, a good night’s sleep is far preferable to a cup of coffee. But sometimes, especially after a late night study session gives way to an early class, coffee is the only way to go. Then again, many of us drink one or more cups of the caffeinated beverage regardless of how much sleep we’ve had.

While your mother may have been telling you since your teens just how bad coffee is for you (even as she sips the hot brew herself), research this year has shown that coffee actually has a number of significant health benefits.  A few of these include:

1.       Coffee drinkers are 50% less likely to suffer from certain types of cancer, according to the Harvard Health Publications of Harvard Medical School.

2.       A 30-year study shows that coffee drinkers may have a much lower chance of contracting Parkinson’s Disease.

3.       Several studies also suggest that the chlorgoenic acid found in coffee will help to prevent Type II Diabetes.

4.       Coffee is also a good source of anti-oxidants.

5.       Coffee can boost your metabolism and so help you in your bid to lose weight.

So there are reasons to enjoy that steaming morning mug. But remember to drink coffee in moderation; too much coffee, and caffeine, is not good for anybody’s health.