Justin Bieber Christmas Album Release Set for November 1

Certainly, many pre-teen girls around the world are waiting for the big news. Justin Beiber’s Christmas album called “Under the Mistletoe” is scheduled to be released on November 1, and advanced sales of the record have already hit close to 200,000 copies.

Many magazine publications, including those available with National Magazine Exchange, feature Bieber on the cover of their November issues. Billboard Magazine, for instance, covers the latest Bieber venture. The story highlights that Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, is hoping that this album will go platinum. As Braun told Billboard Magazine, “I feel it will.”

Scooter Braun and Def Jam, Bieber’s record company, don’t plan to sit back and see if the record goes platinum; they plan to make it happen. Along with their typical promotional strategies, they will have a Macy’s store promotion and social media campaigns. Bieber will also be there at the Macy’s Santa Claus Parade.

Bieber’s social media promotions can’t be taken lightly. With his 14 million followers on Twitter and 37 million Facebook Fans, the daily reminders that Bieber is putting out about the new album should help with sales.

Certainly, Bieber’s main fans, the pre-teen girls, will be drooling to hear the latest hits. Snapping up magazines with his face on the cover, like those from companies like National Magazine Exchange, and hearing “Mistletoe” already online, fans are bracing for the big day on November 1st, when they can own their own copy of Bieber’s latest creation.

2011 Billboard Music Awards: Bieber, Rihanna and More!

Sunday’s 2011 Billboard Music Awards were certainly as grand as everyone expected: the biggest stars in the music industry, the MGM Grand Arena, outstanding performances… All ingredients for an outstanding event.

Hosted by Ken Jeong, the event featured two surprise performances from Britney Spears, as well as ones from Rihanna, Beyonce, OneRepublic, Cee Lo Green and many more. Mary J. Blige also performed her new single “Someone to Love Me,” from her new album My Life II: The Journey Continues, alongside Lil’ Wayne.

The Winners

Some of the big winners included Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Eminem and Taylor Swift. Teenage heartthrob Bieber and rapper Eminem each won six awards. Eminem’s awards included Top Artist, Top Male Artist, and Top Billboard 200 Album, while Bieber, supported by his girlfriend Selena Gomez, was honored with the Billboard.com Fan Favorite Award and the Top New Artist award.

Both Radio Artist of the Year and Female Artist of the Year were given to Rihanna, while Taylor Swift received the Billboard 200 Artist of the Year and Country Artist of the Year. She said, “I used to watch the Billboard Music Awards and see my heroes like Shania Twain and Faith Hill win this.”

Always Wanted to Be an Icon

Some of the more classic artists had their say as well: U2 received the Touring Award, and Neil Diamond received the Billboard Icon Award. He said, “I don’t know exactly what it means to be an icon, but I always wanted to be one.” He pleased the crowd with his performances of “Sweet Caroline” and “America.”

The Biebs’ Wax Figures Unveiled!

Yesterday, March 15th, three Justin Bieber wax figures were unveiled- one in New York, one in London and one in Amsterdam. The teenage heartthrob visited the Madame Tussauds museum in London himself, although his presence was kept on the down low in order to protect the museum from becoming too chaotic.

The Biebs posed beside his model, which is dressed in a red-and-black checkered shirt and black jeans, and said “It’s pretty incredible to see… It looks awesome, thanks very much. “ Later, he joked “As you can see, you know, I’m at least six feet taller than this guy.”

The spokeswoman for the museum Liz Edwards said that it was inevitable for the real pop star to grow during the eight months that the model was being created. His hair, of course, has also changed since then.

“So we really wanted to make sure we made a ‘moment in time’ figure,” she explained. “But it’s the hair that everyone is paying the biggest attention to. So I’d say it’s the hair that’s been the biggest challenge.”

Bieber attended the event with his mother Pattie, and was greeted by a select group of fans. His hotel in Liverpool, on the other hand, has been so swamped by the Bieber-fevered that police have been forced to shut down the area.