Renovating Triumph

Since 2001, the Triumph Hotels brand has been building beautiful hotels, worthy of the New York environment.  Owned and run by Shimmie Horn, the four modern hotels in the collection have now undergone outstanding renovations and have been grouped under the Triumph Hospitality brand.

This brand includes four hip, beautiful and comfortable hotels that cater to the seasoned traveler, the tourist on vacation and everyone in between.  The hotels include the luxurious Iroquois New York which was built in 1923 and was home to many rock stars through the ages.  With its $14 million renovation in 1998, The Iroquois New York now has 114 guest rooms and 9 guest suites that are all the height of luxury.

A second hotel as part of the Shimmie Horn collection is the Hotel Chandler. Built in 2907, the newly restored Hotel Chandler New York was redesigned by Jorge L. Portero, whose famous style is seen at The Avalon, Hotel Elysee and other locations.  The hotel includes 14 floors, 123 rooms and eight suites and includes spectacular architectural details that come from the Beaux Arts period.

The other two hotels in the Triumph Hotels brand are the Washington Jefferson Hotel , located at 318 W. 51st Street and the stylish Hotel Belleclaire, located at 250 W. 77th Street.  All four of these hotels include the highest level of customer attention and service, and include a warmth and respect conveyed by Shimmie Horn and his trusted staff.