Jim Deitz’s Polka Dot House: Cheerful or Garish?

Artistic expression comes in many forms, and often sparks controversy. Jim Deitz’s polka-dot house is no exception.

Covered in colorful, slightly imperfect circles, the two-story building is located in Grand Forks. Deitz, a retired house painter, is currently in the process of transforming the house into a unique apartment rental complex. He believes the colorful exterior adds personality and cheer to the street, and adds that “pizza delivery drivers won’t have any trouble finding this place. You can’t miss it!”

However, some of the neighbors consider the conspicuous decor to be disruptive and jarring for nearby residents and passers-by.

“I think my opinion is the same as anybody- I wouldn’t want to be living next to it,” said city planner Ryan Brooks.

Though relatively rare, these wacky houses can be found in several cities. According to Yahoo! News:

Back in February, an Orange County couple turned their house into a bright green billboard in order to pay their mortgage, much to the dismay of neighboring families. In Edenton, North Carolina, one home’s purple shutters had locals screaming to City Hall. And in Thorntown, Indiana, homeowners raged against one resident’s outrageous lawn decorations, which include a giant Styrofoam alligator and a graffiti-covered motorboat…

But is it art?