Dana-Farber Cancer Institute: Research and Care for Adults and Children with Cancer

Jim Donovan
Dana-Farber Trustee Jim Donovan

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute was founded in 1947 and is today located in a modern medical center in Boston, Massachusetts. Today the Institute is engaged in comprehensive research into the causes of and possible cures for this devastating and dreaded disease. The Institute also reaches out to the general community with information while providing easier access to medical care.

The Yawkey Center for Cancer Care, part of the Dana-Farber Institute, is a cutting-edge research and care facility especially designed to bring the best treatments to patients as quickly as possible. The special care offered by Dana-Farber also reaches beyond the immediate boundaries of the Longwood Medical Area. The Institute networks with satellite centers in several locations throughout Massachusetts, and even as far as Londonderry, New Hampshire.

The Dana-Farber Community Benefits Program reaches out to the greater Boston community to educate, help prevent and reduce the risk of cancer in the area’s under-served populations. One example of the way the program accomplishes its goals is through a mobile mammography program, the only one of its kind in all of Massachusetts. Dana-Farber also supports a community outreach program whose aim is to increase the rates of colon cancer screening among minorities in the Boston area and thereby reducing the rate of death from this disease.

In a recently written article Jim Donovan explains how supporting cancer research has helped him put meaning into the death of a close friend who passed away from cancer. Donovan became a supporter of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, serving on the Board of Trustees, establishing the Christy and Jim Donovan Fund for Prostate Cancer Research at Dana-Farber, as well as supporting Dana-Farber in a myriad of other ways. As Donovan puts it:

“This participation helped me process my grief over losing my friend.  I continue to show my support for him every day through these activities.  And it also changed my perspective on the fight against cancer. I realized it takes much more than doctors in the operating room and researchers in the lab.  It takes regular people devoting their time, talents, and resources, whatever those may be, to champion the cause. I’m thankful I can use my business and financial background to support organizations dedicated to cancer research. I’m also an avid runner, so I also participate in road races to raise money. And, as corny as it may sound, I think of my friend when I run, and I really do feel as though I’m running towards the cure.”

James Donovan First Carbon Solutions

James Donovan Goldman SachsTwenty five years ago James Donovan was an investment banker, but now he is in charge of one of the largest investment firms globally which supports innovative clean technology development. The investment firm, FirstCarbon Solutions, partners with clients under the leadership of James Donovan, in order to invest in and decipher what the business challenges are in this up and coming sector of clean, alternative technology solutions.

Taking advantage of the huge market potential for development in China, many of the companies in which FirstCarbon Solutions are investing are located there. Through partnering with these emerging businesses in China, James Donovan has secured himself a place from which he can play a leading role in the Asian business community, taking advantage of the huge growth potential in this emerging marketplace.  James Donovan recently ran a seminar to explore and define the role FirstCarbon Solutions will play in the expanding Chinese market.

“As an organization’s operations grow, so does the demand for managing, reporting and reducing GHG emissions,” said James Donovan, CEO, FirstCarbon Solutions. “The Mandarin version of FirstCarbon Solutions ghgTrack will provide local Chinese companies with a cost-effective software solution that’s easy-to-use yet robust enough to meet data-intensive demands as requirements grow. No matter the size of the organization, collecting, reporting and managing GHG emissions begin with data, and tools like FirstCarbon Solutions ghgTrack help companies make sense of it all.”