10 Tips to Keep Cool This Summer

Summer EnergySummer nights and sunny days are wonderful, but the warm weather has already started taking its toll on our energy bills. Retail Energy Providers like IDT Energy know that when the temperature rises, there are several simple ways to minimize energy use both at home and in the office.

Freshome.com recently compiled a list of ten tips that will help you conserve energy and keep your monthly costs at a minimum:

  • Replace your air conditioning unit if it’s outdated. Many older units are less effective, and use more electricity than necessary today.
  • Minimize your oven use. Instead, cook with a microwave, toaster oven or on an outdoor grill. This will keep your interiors cooler, reducing the strain on your air conditioner. Smaller appliances like microwaves also cook food faster while using less electricity.
  • Use an automated thermostat instead of setting the temperature manually. Keep your house warmer when no one is home.
  • Keep the hot sun out of your home by closing blinds or drapes. Open your windows at night in order to let the cooler air circulate, and close them before the midday heat.
  • Use a ceiling fan to give your air conditioning a rest. These will help circulate the cool air without using much energy.
  • Take shorter, cooler showers to conserve heating energy and minimize water use.
  • Replace your incandescent light bulbs with fluorescent ones. These use less energy, and last significantly longer.
  • Maintain your air conditioning unit by servicing it regularly. Make sure to keep the air filters clean, and have a professional check the system at least once a year.
  • Check the seals of your central air conditioning pipes. Have a professional examine the connections, vents and pipes to make sure the cool air is properly circulating inside your home.
  • Spend time outdoors! Take advantage of the clear weather to go for hikes and picnics, and keep cool by swimming at your local pool or visiting a nearby lake or beach.

By using energy responsibly, you can save money, protect our planet and keep your family comfortable and safe! Do you have any good summer savings tips to recommend?

Summer Energy Conservation Tips from NYC

summer laundryThe clocks have been changed, and the weather is warming up, heralding the approach of summer.  Conserving energy during the warmer months is not as complicated as it may seem; in fact, it may be easier than in the winter. Longer, sunlit days allow us to use less artificial lighting, and the high temperatures can be used to your advantage as well by air drying laundry and dishes.

The main energy expense during the summer is air conditioning. According to energy companies like IDT Energy, there are several ways to minimize energy costs while keeping your home cool and comfortable.

New York City offers several guidelines for summer air-conditioning usage:

Window Air-Conditioners

  • Filter maintenance on all window air conditioners is critical to the efficient performance of the
    air conditioner, and should be performed prior to the start of the air conditioning season.
  •  Air conditioners shall be used only when rooms are occupied and when interior temperatures reach 78
    degrees F.
  •  Maintain temperature settings on air conditioners at no lower than 78 degrees F.
  •  Window air conditioners should NOT be set on the constant run position.
  •  On extremely hot days, fresh air louvers should be in the “closed” position.
  • Keep room doors and windows closed when air conditioning is operating.
  •  If room air conditioners are to be purchased, it should be done through the DCAS Division of Municipal
    Supply Services when ever possible. These units are Energy Star rated or equivalent, as required by law.
  • Purchase the unit with the highest energy efficiency ratio (EER) available.

Central Air-Conditioners

  • All filters should be cleaned or replaced as frequently as required to maintain maximum system efficiency.
  • Indoor temperatures should be maintained at no lower than 78 degrees F.
  • All units should be serviced to insure maximum efficiency of operation. Special attention should be given to belt drives, controls and refrigerants.
  • All control settings and time mechanisms should be checked and calibrated PRIOR to the start of the cooling season.
  • Air-conditioning should be used only when the building is occupied.
  • In non-hospital settings, outside make-up air should be reduced.


IDT Energy is a Leading ESCO

Perhaps you’ve heard the term ‘ESCO’ but were not sure exactly what that meant. An ESCO is an ‘energy supply company’, and IDT Energy is one of the leading ESCOs in New York. As a result of deregulatory legislation passed in New York about 10 years ago, consumers have been able to choose among suppliers of electric power and natural gas while the delivery of that power is maintained by the local utility company. When customers contract with an ESCO such as IDT Energy, the ESCO then becomes responsible for the supply of power to your home or business while the utility continues to deliver the power, send you your monthly bill and is responsible for emergency service.

Many people have signed on with IDT Energy, enjoying the benefits of the newly competitive market which helps keep prices down, offers benefits such as choosing Green Energy if the customer wants it, and receiving top-notch service which improves when a market is competitive.

IDT Energy is emerging as New York’s premier ESCO, offering affordability and the best energy products as it strives to please its customers with concern for the environment and competitive service of every kind.