Get Warm with Hot Ice Cream in North Wales

Ben & Jerry, from blustery and frigid Burlington, Vermont, may want to take note. Vermonters just might enjoy their next Vermonster with warm ice cream.  That’s right. Destination Conwy and Baravellis have recently teamed up to present Llandudno with quite an unusual concoction – warm ice cream.

The flavor was inspired by a recipe for Welsh cakes and it is spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon. They are advertising that the ice cream has a “warming quality” that can help those living in harsh climates to have their ice cream and eat it too…even in the winter.

As Sam Nayar from Destination Conwy explained,

“Ice cream is a summer essential, so we wanted to create a flavor that could be eaten come rain or shine whilst including something traditionally Welsh. Kids and adults alike have gone wild for the product so far here in Llandudno. Lancashire has its hot pot, Cornwall a pasty, Yorkshire its pudding and now North Wales has its very own signature dish.”

Certainly, many ice cream companies and stores have been offering unusual ice cream flavors over the last few years. The Humphry Slocombe shop in San Francisco, for instance, offers a bourbon and cornflakes ice cream called Secret Breakfast and a “Red Hot”Banana flavor filled with bananas and crushed Red Hot candies.  The Rehoboth Ice Cream shop in Delaware offers you a flavor called Better Than Sex which includes African vanilla, cake batter and a swirl of fudge. Their Bacon ice cream uses Bac-O-Bits for an intense flavor.

One lick of any of these and they say you’re hooked…maybe.