Irish Trio Taking On the World

irishHere’s one way to promote your country – dance your way around the world. This is the idea that three guys from Ireland had, setting off from their native country to travel around the world promoting all things Irish. And they did so through dance.

Iain McNamara, Chris McGrath and Kevin Cobbe, all 26, danced their way through 22 countries in the course of a year. Called The Wirld, they started in March of 2013 with a world ticket, a limited budget and an all-weather camera.

They visited schools, universities, businesses and private homes with the goal of spreading the word about Ireland.

As Iain said, “Apart from Australia, New Zealand and the UK most people were generally confused but very supportive and we had a few round of applause.”

They are encouraging people to share their dancing videos and to build interest in Ireland in this way. As they explain on their blog, “Created in 2013, The Wirld is an organization formed by three Irish men with the objective of promoting our small nation abroad. But we are a little different…Unlike government agencies, our target market is not just businesses abroad, but the leaders of tomorrow. We hope that some unadulterated fun and mischief can do what these agencies are unable to. We want to Instil Irishness across the world.”

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