Italy’s Olympic Team Wears Giorgio Armani, Hopes to Win Best Dressed

Giorgio Armani and the Italy Team

Teams throughout this year’s Olympic Games are competing for more than medals; they represent their countries’ fashion sense as well.

The Italy team has high hopes for their reputation with their custom-made, 50 piece Giorgio Armani collection, though the U.S. brings Ralph Lauren and Britain brings Stella McCartney as well.

“Fashion represents a great Italian flag for the whole world and it is a beautiful idea to combine it with sports. Let’s hope sports will be as glorious,” said 77-year-old Armani.

The Armani Olympics suit is minimalist, as usual, with a white and midnight blue theme. Interestingly, Italian teams are known to wear the color azure, or ‘azurri’, which is a lighter, more vivid color. Though the Italian flag was not flaunted, the jackets and polo shirts feature a gold embroidery of the first lines of the country’s national anthem.

“I am very patriotic,” Armani explained. “And what is more patriotic than the Olympics?” He then added that his favorite sports include tennis and swimming.

Giovanni Petrucci, the head of Italy’s Olympic committee, said: “We aim to be the best of the world in sport. We are definitely going to be the most fashionable.”