Beware of Loan Sharks

Loan sharks are simply awful and should be avoided at all times.  Everyone knows that basic fact but, when one is desperate, it seems like it can be forgotten.  Unfortunately that is when the loan sharks strike and students are often especially vulnerable to being financially in strife. There’s just the most basic advice here, in fact instruction:  don’t do it.  Don’t be suckered in. It’s never going to help your situation and it will only make things worse.  No matter how badly you are off financially, going to a loan shark will just  make things worse.  Go to a bank, to family, to friends, but never a loan shark.  Speak to a student counselor (pretty much everyone and their dog has gone through financial strife while studying) and don’t let things get on top of you.  But if you do go to a loan shark, just know that you will never get out of paying back huge amounts of money and if you fail to meet these demands, your life will become hell. So just remember this rule:  do anything BUT go to a loan shark.