British Women Need to Lose Weight

It seems that heaviness is becoming quite a weighty issue in Great Britain.  According to a recent EU report, a staggering 23.9 percent of British women are obese – the highest amount of all 19 countries that took part in the study.  As well, British men need to get off their proverbial couches too.  They’re not exactly doing all that well either, with more than 22 percent of them being in the same category – only Malta was slightly above them.

The study looked at the 2008-9 period and found that the entire European adult population was extremely overweight, with women ranging from 8 to 23.9 percent and men from 7.6 to 24.7 percent. There was no major finding of obesity between men and women – in some countries men were heavier and in others, women.  It was only in Greece where the men and women were just as obese.  Romania had what to be proud of though – with only 8 percent of its adult population tipping the scales into obesity.

It seems that as people get older, the obesity issue gets worse (and this is even more true with the female population).  But in the UK, it seems that the younger generation is battling the bulge more, with over 16 percent of the 18 to 24 age group being put into the obese category.