IDT Energy is a Leading ESCO

Perhaps you’ve heard the term ‘ESCO’ but were not sure exactly what that meant. An ESCO is an ‘energy supply company’, and IDT Energy is one of the leading ESCOs in New York. As a result of deregulatory legislation passed in New York about 10 years ago, consumers have been able to choose among suppliers of electric power and natural gas while the delivery of that power is maintained by the local utility company. When customers contract with an ESCO such as IDT Energy, the ESCO then becomes responsible for the supply of power to your home or business while the utility continues to deliver the power, send you your monthly bill and is responsible for emergency service.

Many people have signed on with IDT Energy, enjoying the benefits of the newly competitive market which helps keep prices down, offers benefits such as choosing Green Energy if the customer wants it, and receiving top-notch service which improves when a market is competitive.

IDT Energy is emerging as New York’s premier ESCO, offering affordability and the best energy products as it strives to please its customers with concern for the environment and competitive service of every kind.