Mireille Nassif, Philippe Yared, Dr. Josyann Abisaab & Others Helping MySchoolPulse

Josyann Abisaab with Mireille Nassif and Philippe YaredIn recent news, 23 people participated on August 8th, 2010 in a 5k run/walk in The Hamptons organized by Dr. Josyann Abisaab. The run showed solidarity for a simultaneous event taking place in Lebanon that was attended by over 1100 people.

Both events were orchestrated to raise funds for the nonprofit organization, MySchoolPulse. Founded by Mireille Nassif and Philippe Yared, in memory of their 12 year old son, Paul, MySchoolPulse brings tutors and teachers to sick children so that they can maintain a level of normalcy in their lives while fighting grave illnesses.

The foundation started as a result of Mireille and Philippe’s experience with their son. While terminally sick with aggressive bone cancer, Paul nevertheless insisted on continuing his studies. His mother, Mireille, brought private teachers and tutors to the hospital for 8 months and he graduated with Honor two months before his death on August 7, 2009. In Paul’s memory, his parents started the MySchoolPulseFoundation to provide children in Lebanon, suffering from life-threatening illness, with the opportunity to continue their school studies and to enjoy extracurricular activities during their treatment.

Along with Mireille, President of MySchoolPulse, and Philippe, Secretary, the organization is also run by Paul’s cousin, Daniele Diab, who is Vice-President and Paul’s aunt and godmother, Corinne Nassif. In addition, they rely upon a network of teaching volunteers to work with children and field volunteers to help families manage their relationships with teachers.

Learn more about MySchoolPulse from this informative and touching video: