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Banco Puertorriqueño Apoya a las Mujeres en los Negocios

ladyartistEn todo el mundo, las organizaciones están trabajando para impulsar el espíritu empresarial y habilidades de las mujeres. El año pasado, Doral Bank, con sede en Puerto Rico, se unió al Municipio de Bayamón para anunciar el Taller de Arte, un nuevo programa educativo para 25 mujeres. La experiencia gratuita de tres meses tiene como objetivo fomentar y potenciar las habilidades artísticas y técnicas de las participantes y comenzará este mes.

Ramón Luis Rivera Cruz, alcalde de Bayamón, explicó:

“La idea es abrir nuevas vías para el autoempleo de mujeres con inquietudes artísticas. Las mujeres representan una importante pero a menudo poco utilizada fuerza en la economía. En Puerto Rico, en donde todos estamos tratando de crear una economía más fuerte, las mujeres pueden y deben desempeñar un papel vibrante. El empresarismo ofrece el potencial de creación de capital y empleo, lo cual mejora el bienestar de la comunidad. El ‘Taller de Arte del Municipio de Bayamón’ se está llevando a cabo para ayudar a las mujeres a desarrollar su potencial económico a través de sus capacidades artísticas, incluida la posibilidad de establecer su propio negocio en un campo relacionado.”

Agregó que Bayamon no cobrará cargos de matrícula para las participantes durante un año, dándoles la oportunidad de promover sus esfuerzos y apoyar el desarrollo económico de la ciudad.

Jesús Méndez de Doral Bank, dijo:

“Con este programa único, Doral está añadiendo una dimensión más importante a la iniciativa de su programa comunitario llamada Mujeres d Éxito. Doral se ha comprometido a fomentar el desarrollo empresarial de las mujeres en la isla, proporcionando importantes herramientas de desarrollo de negocio. En la medida que las mujeres reciban más oportunidades de convertirse en empresarias, la economía de Puerto Rico aumentará su potencial. ”

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Campañas Publicitarias Hacen Llegar el Mensaje

Las campañas publicitarias son siempre una forma interesante de ver lo que la empresa está haciendo y cómo se presenta al público. Doral Bank anunció recientemente su nueva campaña publicitaria llamada “estire su dólar con Doral”. Esta campaña se centra en los beneficios que se ofrecen a través de sus cuentas de depósito y de los productos que ayudarán a los clientes.

Como Katiria Resto, el Director de Producto de Doral Bank, dijo: “Como una institución bancaria queremos informar a nuestros clientes y las comunidades que servimos, las opciones de cuentas de cheques que ofrecemos junto con los beneficios que funcionan para ellos. Con las cuentas que ayudan a estirar ese dólar, queremos ser los proveedores de soluciones de banca que puedan ayudar a nuestros clientes centrarse en disfrutar de su día a día”.

Como parte de su campaña, explican que tienen un Doral Diario que es una cuenta de cheques sencillo con $0 por cargos por servicio durante seis meses. También tienen una cuenta de cheques Doral Mas que paga más interés.

La campaña de publicidad trabaja para explicar cómo estas cuentas ayudarán a la persona promedio a estirar su presupuesto. Están utilizando la campaña a través de medios impresos, televisión y radio.

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Dress for Success: Interview Tips & Ideas

interviewsMany people don’t realize how important the first impression is. This is particularly true for college students and for low income people who are job hunting. It’s possible that the interviewee doesn’t even have access to the tools needed to make a good impression. This is why many organizations and companies will have information sessions to teach college students and low income populations about successful interviewing techniques. In this video, Doral Bank not only has a session of this sort, but offers professional clothing for the students to take home and use for their interviews.

Here are some other important tips for doing well in the interview process.

1. Dress appropriately and professionally.
2. Bring a copy of your resume and any other materials that they might need. This is true even if you’ve already given the company a copy of your resume.
3. Come on time, or even a few minutes early.
4. Ask questions during the interview. You shouldn’t feel that the company is grilling you. Show an interest in them and make sure to ask them questions as well.
5. Shake hands and say thank you.

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Doral Bank Executive Receives Award

The Advisory Committee for Urban Revitalization Equity (ACURE) gave Steve Borhoft, marketing director of Doral Bank in Florida, a community service award. ACURE – a Panama City civil-rights organization – recognized Bornhoft for his volunteer work with schools and charities, putting deserving causes in the public eye through his work as a freelance journalist, and being a mentor to a middle-school student.   As one ACURE executive committee Valerie Mincey pointed out, “Steve is an incredible asset to our community. His volunteer work supports the development of children, helps the health and well-being of the vulnerable, and promotes the goals of our community focused organization.”  Bornhoft is also Chairman of the Bay AIDS Service and Information Coalition (BASIC) board of directors (where Mincey is CEO and President).

Of his mentoring work, ACURE executive committee member and middle school principal Charlotte Marshall said, “we need people like Steve to take the time to work with kids who need just a little bit more support. Over the course of his time with one student, Steve went beyond the call of duty. He provided the support that the student needed to believe that he could succeed and instilled confidence and a sense of responsibility in this student, directly impacting his school performance.”

Doral makes volunteer opportunities a priority.  Indeed, the corporation has promised to “always give back to the communities in which we are privileged to do business.”  The New Chapter Program at Doral, Florida, is all about preparing children to be self-sufficient adults.  Through “early education, literacy and lifelong learning” by making financial contributions, Doral serves its customers and community by being “actively interested and involved in the lives of both.”

With this ACURE award, Steve Bornhoft is putting the volunteer endeavors of Doral Bank into practice.

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Breast Cancer Awareness: Three Companies that Care

Worldwide, breast cancer is the most common cancer occurring in women. In 2010 the number of new cases of breast cancer across the globe was estimated to be 1.6 million.  Studies show that the earlier breast cancer is detected, the greater the chances of survival. Therefore the importance of breast cancer awareness and screening tests cannot be overstated. Early detection can often be literally a matter of life and death. Many companies around the world have decided to get involved in the global effort to create an informed public so that breast cancer can be caught early and cured.

  • In Puerto Rico Doral Bank has created “Pink Route,” an organization that has already offered close to 3,000 free mammograms and conducted more than 7,000 educational seminars taught by health care professionals. As part of their “Da Vida Caminando con Raymond” program Doral Bank with Enrique Ubarri Baragaño has donated over $248,000 to Hospital Oncológico. Doral Bank also makes it easy for anyone who would like to donate funds to Pink by keeping open a special account just for that purpose. Donations are accepted in any of Doral Bank’s branches and are then given to Hospital Oncológico de Puerto Rico to support their work with breast cancer.
  • In the United States the Silicon Valley based on-line auction company eBay makes it easy for visitors to their site to contribute to organizations that promote breast cancer awareness and research. Potential buyers can browse eBay’s shopping lists for things that, when purchased, donate some, or sometimes all, of the purchase price to organizations that support research and education for breast cancer. Visitors to eBay can also take small actions under their “eBay Giving Works Hope Chest Campaign,”  such as pressing ‘like’ on a breast cancer charity on Facebook or downloading an informational guide about breast cancer, and eBay will give $1 to that charity.
  • Planet Fitness, founded in Dover, New Hampshire in 1992, has an annual Mother’s Day promotion to raise money for breast cancer awareness and research. With all their franchises participating Planet Fitness offered to donate $10 for every new member that signed up between May 8 and May 15, 2013. The total which they donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation came close to $335,000. Since beginning the Mother’s Day promotion three years ago Planet Fitness has given over $1.5 million to BCRF.

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