Tableware Looks Good Enough to Eat

Noticing that yuppies (an 80s term meaning “young upwardly mobile professionals) were purchasing “plain white tableware” rather than the patterned porcelain plates which were available, designer-MBA student husband and wife team Caroline Pople and David Harding created the company “Ink Dish.” Ink Dish is a design firm which sees its mission as “injecting excitement into dinnerware.”

After a bit of research the ambitious couple found that the “patterns in the market didn’t reflect their aesthetic and interests.” So Pople dived right in and began a collaborative effort with some contemporary artists. “The artists know their artwork, and I know the industry,” Ms. Pople said. “I know you need more white space on dinner plates but can go a little crazier on salad plates.”

The latest collections of aesthetically pleasing plates for the under 40 crowd are called Kites and Poem, which were created with the artistic help of designers David Palmer and Dana Oldfather. Check them out and add some spice to your dishes before you add it to your food. After all, as it says on, “You are what you eat off.”