Martina McBride’s “Teenage Daughters”

Many mothers are familiar with the difficulties of raising teenage girls. Well, singer Martina McBride can certainly relate as well! Her newest song, “Teenage Daughters” was just released on iTunes- on the same day that her daughter Emma turned 13.

“I couldn’t believe it when I noticed the single release date was the same day Emma turns 13!” Martina said. “How fitting that I have another teenager in the house on the very day.”

What Inspired the Song?

Emma is the second teenager in the McBride home. Her older sister, Delaney, is now 16. Martina shared that it was an exchange with the older daughter that inspired the topic of her latest single, which she co-wrote with the Warren Brothers.

“John, my husband, took Delaney to school one morning, and she said, ‘Mom hates me.’ I’m like, ‘What are you talking about? That’s ridiculous’,” Martina explained in an interview with Our Country. “But I must have gotten on her a little bit too much. So my co-writers and I started talking and I said that’s what we should write about.”

“John and I are really proud of the open relationship we have with our girls,” Martina added. “NBut let’s get real, it’s not always easy when they’re seeking independence and you’re wanting to keep them in that innocent stage.”

Certainly many of us can relate…..