A Deserted Island Get-Away | Song Saa Island

If you ever have some time on your hands and a sense of adventure, there is a private island waiting for your arrival. And, it even boasts its own time zone!  Song Saa in Cambodia is a hidden treasure for adventure-seekers.  With its close position to the equator, the island has its own time zone, a creation from the island owners. This allows visitors to soak in an extra hour of daytime fun each day.

The island includes, of course, expansive beaches, palm trees, clear water and coral reef.  The chefs at the only hotel accommodation on the island have cooked for the Beckhams and for William and Kate. And the accommodations are not to be believed with complete privacy.

The hotel stay comes with a visit from two Buddhist monks who come over from the mainland to bless guests and the island.  Find out more about this adventure and enjoy your own get-away by booking a trip with Cazenove + Loyd or by looking for the Song Saa Private Island Resort.