Taking in the Sites in Azerbaijan

gobustan-mountainFor those traveling to Azerbaijan, there are many tourist attractions to cover. Individuals like Elchin Djavadov and Nasib Hasanov are experienced in this field and have been taking foreigners to local hotspots for many years. The country is home to the naphthalene – the only oil field treatment in the world which is used mainly as a precursor to other chemicals. But for tourists, what is probably of most interest is the country’s unique culture and ancient architecture. Both Djavadov and Hasanov have been leading tour groups around the region to give tourists a true sense of this.

Check out the country’s nature. Home to preserved forests that are a monument of the Cenozoic era, reservations like Gizilagach, Shirvan and Zagatala have garnered global recognition. Indeed the region is home to 13 nature reservations and 18 wildlife sanctuaries. Also when one is there, it is imperative to check out the Justif and Momine-Khatun mausoleums as well as the Absheron Peninsula. Indeed, these are the particular favorites of tour guide Nasib Hasanov. Aserbaijan is home to the Gobustan mountains and with Kichikdash, Shihgai, Shongardag and others, one can truly learn about the Azerbaijani people historically, beginning from the Stone Age, through tombs, burial places, rock fortresses and more.

For a more modern feel of the country, check out the State Museum of Azerbaijani Carpets and Folk Applied Arts, featuring over 10 thousand artifacts. This includes pieces from the Bronze Age up until today, featuring modern artists from the region as well.
Azerbaijan has a lot to offer tourists.  And both Elchin Djavadov and Nasib Hasanov can show foreigners the region from beginning to end.