Elton John Visits Aquarium, Befriends Dolphin

Sir Elton John, one of the most successful artists of all time, recently paid a visit to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta with his partner David Furnish and his son Zachary.

Since Zachary has not yet turned one, a friendly dolphin won the heart of the singer in his stead. His genuine grin and excitement were apparent when he posed for a photo while shaking the porpoise’s flipper. If little Zachary had been a bit older, he might’ve been embarrassed by his father’s goofy antics.

An onlooker jokingly said: “There was his father shaking a dolphin’s flipper while in a very unfashionable tracksuit- every inch the embarrassing dad. Elton and David seemed to be having fun though.”

Zachary was born to a surrogate mother, and Sir Elton admits that his son reduces him to speaking “gibberish.” He has also said that being a father is “very relaxing.”