States Now Taking Up Health Care Debate

The new health care legislation recently passed by the Obama administration will require individual states to take on major responsibilities in the year 2014 when the coverage expansion becomes fully operational. Therefore states have begun suing the federal government to stop them from implementing core requirements of the overhaul of health care, until they feel ready to take them on.

Concomitant with the ongoing legal battles Republican state lawmakers and governors are trying to find ways to bring health care coverage to over 30 million Americans.

Representative Greg Wren, Republican from Alabama, says he does not want to give up his state’s authority to create laws to govern what happens in his state.

If states are not ready to run things by 2014 then the federal government will jump in take the reins right out of the state’s hands.

Former Republican governor or Utah and the health secretary under George W. Bush, Mike Leavitt said that “the center of gravity” will eventually be the individual states, where there is still some bipartisanship left.


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