Puerto Rican Bank Supports Women in Business

ladyartistAll over the world, organizations are working to boost women entrepreneurship and skills. Last year, Puerto Rico-based Doral Bank teamed up with the Municipality of Bayamon to announce a new educational program for 25 women at the Art Workshop. The free, three-month experience is aimed at encouraging and enhancing the artistic abilities and techniques of the participants, and will begin this month.

Ramon Luis Rivera Cruz, mayor of Bayamon, explained:

“The idea is to open up avenues for self-employment for women with artistic interests. Women represent an important but often underutilized force in an economy. In Puerto Rico, where we all are trying to create a stronger economy, women can and should play a vibrant role. Entrepreneurship offers the potential of capital creation and jobs- all of which enhance the well-being of the community. ‘Taller de Arte del Municipio de Bayamon’ is being undertaken to help women realize their economic potential through their artistic capabilities, including the possibility of establishing their own business in a related work field.”

He added that Bayamon will not charge registration taxes for participants with small businesses for one full year, giving them an opportunity to promote their efforts and support the economic development in the city.

Doral Bank’s Jesus Mendez said: “With this unique program, Doral is adding a further important dimension to its community Mujeres d Exito initiative. Doral is committed to encouraging entrepreneurial development among women in the island by providing important business development tools. As women receive more opportunities to become entrepreneurs, Puerto Rico’s economy increases its potential.”

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