Posture: The #1 Motivation Factor

A recent study has discovered that focus and motivation at the workplace may be affected by one simple thing; posture.

For those who sit long hours in front of a computer, staying concentrated and alert can be a truly difficult task. Tiredness and lethargy are common amongst such office workers. Research has shown that the quickest, most simple fix is to correctly position the monitor on the desk.

When a monitor is placed too low, it draws the eyes, and therefore neck and back, forward and down. This affects breathing and oxygen intake, circulation, and muscle and spinal health, resulting in back and shoulder pain, sore necks, lethargy and even depression. For ideal motivation and health, the monitor should be positioned so that the center is slightly above eye level.

These statements are not merely speculation. Back in the 80s, Texas A&M University’s John Riskind tested the correlation between posture and persistence. To do so, he encouraged two groups of participants to sit accordingly- half hunched, and half upright with heads held high andback over the shoulders. After only three minutes of sitting, Riskind provided the participants with geometric puzzles. Though most were unsolvable, those with better posture focused on the problems for twice as long as those who sat with their heads down.

Similar studies have been conducted during recent years, yielding similar results.


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