Perplexed Peberdy Preggers

Giving Birth without Realizing Pregnancy

It always seems like it’s an urban myth but it actually happened to svelte Lauren Peberdy. A size 8 (size 4 in America), Peberdy was “stunned” when she went to the bathroom to find herself delivering a healthy 8lb 7oz baby boy as her waters broke and Dylan-James came out. She was simply sitting on the toilet when she felt “something drop.” Gavin’s mother was called in who saw a baby’s head and five minutes later Dylan-James was out.

Just two weeks before she had been to the doctor for a contraceptive pill check-up and the doctor had checked her weight and blood pressure which were fine.

Initially 20-year-old Lauren from Deeside, North Wales, had no clue what was happening and actually thought she was “dying.” But what actually happened instead was that she delivered the baby five minutes before the paramedics arrived, “on the bathroom floor.” Lauren’s 21 year old fitness instructor boyfriend Gavin Jones was even more shocked! He hadn’t noticed any symptoms or signs in his girlfriend, who was also taking the contraceptive pill.

Dylan Doing Well

But things have gone surprisingly well since the birth three months ago. Dylan-James is living with him mum at her parents’ home “and the two make frequent visits to Gavin, who lives nearby with his own parents.” But Lauren and Gavin are looking for a place to set up home together with their child who is described as being very easy.


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