Marissa Mayer Introduces New Perks to Yahoo Employees

Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, has generated lots of company buzz with her policy changes. A few months ago she terminated the office’s work-from-home option, raising debates throughout the high-tech world.

Recently, however, Yahoo announced that it will be doubling the amount of paid leave for new mothers. Fathers will be given 8 weeks off, while mothers will receive 16. The new policy brings Yahoo closer to other Silicon Valley companies such as Google and Facebook.

“Over the last several month, we’ve introduced new benefits like free food to make Yahoos’ days easier, new smartphones to encourage innovation, and updated computers to speed productivity,” Yahoo said in a statement. “Recently, we rolled out some new and improved benefits to support the happiness and well-being of Yahoos and their families.”

Despite Mayer cracking down on certain aspects of the company, she has also installed several perks for employees. Yahoo now offers branded gifts for new children and pets, as well as up to $5oo worth of “daily habits” such as daycare or dry cleaning. Mayer explained that her new in-office policy is not a “broad industry view” of the practice, but “about what is right for Yahoo right now.”




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