Lost Bear Reunited with Four Year Old Owner

stuffed-animal-450473_640Heartwarming stories are always worth telling, and retelling. A little girl, Phoebe Steel, left her stuffed bear at the Toronto Pearson International Airport. The family lives in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Realizing that the bear wasn’t on their flight, the mom alerted the airport which began a search for the bear. They found it in lost and found and posted the journey home for the bear on Facebook. First they showed the bear waiting in a filing cabinet in Toronto and then going through security. They showed it on a moving walkway going towards its flight and then at duty free trying on a Toronto Blue Jays jersey. The staff flew the bear back to Phoebe along with another toy from the airport.

The staff added “Ra Ra had fun at Toronto Pearson, but was happy to head home to his family. Goodbye, Ra Ra!”

As Mrs. Steel remarked, “When we got him back she was overjoyed and so excited. She has been quite attached to him and has not let him out of her sight. The airport went above and beyond to get Ra Ra back – they have been amazing and so generous. They made a little girl so happy and are such kind people. I could never express how grateful I am to them.”

See the pictures and enjoy this feel-good story!


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