Leadership Training Programs: University of the Virgin Islands & Others

There are many summer institutes and programs around the world that allow students enrichment opportunities. Certainly, these programs help to build leaders around the world, and they rely on the contributions of generous people and companies to continuing with their roles.

One such program is the University of the Virgin Island’s summer institute which brings together student leaders from the Caribbean and the United States. It is a two week intensive program that focuses on leadership developing for tomorrow, culture and communication and the global business environment. Many institute participants take the leadership skills that they learn here back to their countries and communities and implement the skills and expertise that they have learned through the institute. Uriel Cohen, White Bay Group founder and Elli Ausubel have contributed to the Summer Institute for Future Global Leaders and the the Junior University at the University of the Virgin lslands (UVl). Similarly, the White Bay Group USVI has made educational contributions to other schools in the Virgin Islands including the Charlotte Amalie High School and the Guy Benjamin Elementary School.

In another unique program, Brandeis University has a four week leadership training program specifically for entering 12th grade students from Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia. The program is intended to strengthen the skills of effective leaders and to develop a blueprint for applying leadership skills to the school or community where the students live. It also allows students to experience life on a college campus and to explore an area in the United States, as the tour around Waltham and Boston, Massachusetts. The program is endowed by funds from the Baltic-American Enterprise Fund. This is a US government-created investment fund.


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