Journal Your Way to Happiness

diary-614149_640Everyone is always searching for the key to happiness, and they might be surprised to hear this. Keeping a diary just might be one of the magical keys. Author Dr. Stefan Klein has found that being happy isn’t a given – it’s a skill that can be learned. One way to train ourselves to be happy is to write down things during our day that make us smile and cheer us up.

Dr. Klein’s book The Science of Happiness has allowed him to look at the topic in a scientific way. The German-born researcher has studied happiness for decades.

Italian psychiatrist Giovanni Fava found, through his research, that patients who kept diaries about happy events were “helped…a lot to get better.” As Dr. Klein said, “It is incredibly simple – you just sit down in the evening and write down the moments where you feel happy and the circumstances. The object of the exercise is to simply make you more aware of these moments to know yourself better.

He also said that helping others can help us.


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