Inventors Creates Vineyard Robot

Inventor Christoff Miller has created a potential helper for wine makers: Wall Ye, a modified robot that can browse through vineyards checking soil quality and pruning vines.

“When I designed the robot, I took measurements myself; of the width of my shoulders and the length of my arms, to reproduce the same movements we make,” Miller explained. “The difference is that it’s on wheels, whereas a human being has to bend in order to prune vines, or sometimes move on a trolley.”

Wine maker Claire Gazeau Montrasi has expressed interest in the invention, stating that it has a lot of potential. She claimed she would welcome a robot employee, as would many others in the field.

“It will be able to remember each wine stock, count the number of missing stocks, and eventually help analyze the maturity of the vines before the harvest. It may help observe the strength of the vines depending on soil changes the previous year. It helps in a whole range of tasks that we winemakers don’t have time for,” she explained.


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