Harvey FinkelsteinHarvey Finkelstein may not seem like an interesting person, yet there is more to this mild mannered CPA that has been practicing for over 30 year. Despite his increased work schedule after switching to Glass Jacobson since 2007, Harvey Finklestein has finds time to give back to his community of Owings Mills, Maryland

Harvey Finkelstein has shown exemplary ethics as the Principal in the tax department. Areas of expertise for Harvey Finkelstein include tax planning for individuals, small business, estates and trusts, and Federal and State tax issue resolution.

Beyond his tax experience, Harvey Finkelstein has had expert testimony experience, serving as an expert witness in cases related to business valuation issues and divorce/domestic cases.

Harvey Finkelstein presently acts as an advisor on the State Tax Committee, and was previously active on the Federal Tax Committee.  He is a member of the Maryland Association of CPAs, and earned his Master in Taxation from the University of Baltimore.