Girl Scout Cookies Go High Tech


Everyone loves a Girl Scout cookie.  But now it seems that with a bit of technology, getting your Thin Mint fix from the scouts could be even easier!  Thanks to the new smartphone app, The Girl Scout Cookie Locator – with the assistance of GPS technology – users can find out where the nearest place is to locate their Girl Scout cookies.

All you need to do is input your city/zip code and then the locations will pop up.  In addition, you will receive directions on getting there by car so you will be with your cookies in no time at all.  Similar in style to the Cookie Finder app, the Girl Scout Cookie Locator has the added benefit of letting users find their cookie personalities.  So it’s all a bit of fun, but if you are a lover of these cookies, why not get them a bit earlier?  With this new app you need never be far from a Girl Scout Cookie again.


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