Finding Your Soulmate: Rabbi Tully Bryks

The concept of soulmates has been around for centuries, and is constantly explored by people from a number of different fields. While some consider the concept to be a religious one, others see soulmates as a spiritual connection that is not necessarily related to divine influence.

Rabbi Tully Bryks, a Rabbi who works to provide answers on all Judaic topics, discusses soulmates at great length on his website. He explains that according to Judaism, soulmates are predetermined. In fact: “Forty days before a baby is born, a proclamation in heaven declares the ideal future soul mate for that baby’s soul.” Bryks goes on the explain how the creation of man relates to soulmates today, and how one might go about finding theirs.

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, author of Rituals for Love and Romance: Attract Your Soulmate with Ceremony and Self-love, also takes a spiritual approach to soulmates. However, she focuses more on the individual and how a person can locate theirs in today’s world. She explained that the key to finding your soulmate is not losing faith that he or she exists. She also stresses the importance of preparing yourself for love.

Brockway explains: “Make a list of what ‘soul mate’ means to you and the qualities you seek in your true love. Embrace your belief and find within yourself a place of trust and knowing that there is someone out there, somewhere, for you. If you can believe in love–even when life does not seem to be taking you in that direction–you are halfway there!”



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