Feeling Good about Yourself

College can be a wonderful time filled with tremendous opportunity and new hope.  It can also be a very scary time, during which you feel like you are never going to be good enough and are constantly comparing yourself to others.  So how do you ensure that you are in the first camp?  What can you do to make your time in college successful and fun?  In other words, what advice is there for those who want to build their self-esteem during these years, rather than see it crumble to the ground?  First of all, remember, all popular and successful individuals throughout the world have one thing in common – confidence. They believe in themselves. Whether right or wrong, they believe that they have something to offer.  That’s what you have to do. First, find something in yourself that you believe to be fantastic and walk around with that feeling.  That does not mean you are being arrogant, but that you just feel good about yourself.  Second, smile.  Simple as it may seem, if people see someone smiling they automatically are drawn to you.  A smile is the first thing to greet someone.  Third, find something you really excel at and do it.  If you love running and are good at it, make sure you work that in to your every day routine as it will give you an immediate boost of confidence. Remember: it’s all up to you and all in your hands. You have the opportunity to make these things happen for yourself  and to be a success; you can do it if you try.


Tiffany Brand has a passion for fashion, and has over a decade of experience writing for beauty and fashion magazines. A licensed cosmetician with four children, Tiffany loves to share her insights with fellow mothers. Contact Tiffany at tiffany[at]sunstoneonline.com

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