Fall Fashion Favors Shorter Heels

This year’s fall and winter collections of shoes will certainly come as a relief to many women. While stilettos and other painfully narrow heels haven’t disappeared completely from the catwalk, the current fashion seems to be leaning towards lower, chunkier heels and wedges.

Dana Schwartz of Jill Stuart said “They’re quirkier. I think they’re more wearable and cooler right now. It goes with the current trend of longer hemlines, blouses and more done-up, sophisticated silhouettes. The shoes counter that to bring it back.” She added that “it adds playfulness to the overall look.”

Also in fashion are abstract and animal prints, as well as dark colored below-the-knee-skirts in shades of red and orange. Booties and crumpled, colorful socks are also popular this season.


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