Dr. Harvey Finkelstein Treats Pain According to Each Patient’s Needs

Pain Management Should be based on Individualized Care
Pain Management Should be based on Individualized Care

Everyone has experienced pain of one kind or another. Most of the time the cause of the pain is temporary, and even if the pain is severe, it passes and becomes a non-issue. But when pain is constant, and not likely to subside in the near future, it must be treated as a chronic problem by an expert on pain control and management.

The Pain Care Medicine of Long Island, run by Dr. Harvey Finkelstein, is a facility dedicated to evaluating their patients’ chronic pain and creating a pain management program specifically suited to the needs of each individual patient.

One goal of the Pain Care Center is to limit the use of medication as much as possible. Good nutrition and exercise become two of a three pronged approach to pain management in which nerve block treatments are just the third prong. Physical therapy is also utilized to get and keep pain under control. Medications, although they are used, are used conservatively and only as needed to keep the patient as pain-free as possible.

Dr. Finkelstein and his staff do not treat their patients as embodiments of their symptoms, but as individuals going through a difficult time. The health professionals at the Pain Care Center of Long Island listen to the needs and complaints of their patients, becoming sensitive to what each patient requires in their quest to overcome their pain.


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