Don’t Worry! Stressed Out Kindergarten Children are in Luck

You know there is something wrong in the world when experts formulate the first kindergarten ever which…does exactly what a regular kindergarten should be doing.  Experts in Germany formulated the “special” program in conjunction with the Kneipp Association, Germany’s largest non-commercial health organization.

The point of the kindergarten? To allow children who are too stressed out to learn to “chill.”  They argue that today’s children have too much stress on their shoulders and that they take on too much of their parents’ stress.  As a result, the German health insurance schemes and the Kneipp Association are funding the courses.

As Sylvia Gross explained, “Much is required from children today. They rush from one appointment to the next without barely a chance to breathe. They occasionally need some time out in order to come down again. The things we do here have a curative, relaxing effect upon them. The children themselves are curious, they find the therapies exciting.”

The German kindergarten program in Stuttgart offers “therapies” including massage, rope skipping, lying quietly and playing in the grass.  And if this is considered earth-shattering or shocking for kindergarten children – then our society is in a worst state than some of us might have believed.


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