Do You Hide the Chocolate You Eat?


Scientists will, apparently, research anything. Have you always wanted to know how much people lie about their chocolate consumption? No? We haven’t either. But apparently this question has been on the minds of the British Heart Foundation, which commissioned the study.

For the study, 3000 men and women were questioned about their chocolate eating habits. 33% of them eat their chocolate on their commute home so that they don’t have to fess up to a spouse or partner at home. 13% admitted that they will eat chocolate behind the refrigerator door, under the covers in bed or when their partner has left the room.

Now, the British Heart Foundation is sponsoring a Dechox challenge, urging Britons to be chocolate-free for the month of March. As a special incentive, they explain that just cutting out chocolate could help a person to shed up to 11 pounds in a year.
But is that enough to give up chocolate? What do you think?


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