Chevy Volt Harbinger of More Plug-Ins to Come

Chief executive of General Motors, Daniel F. Akerson said on Tuesday that his company is planning to introduce two more plug-in hybrid cars whose design will be based on the Chevrolet Volt, their first offering of this new technology, which was introduced at the end of last year.

According to comments made by Mr. Akerson at an industry conference not far from the Detroit auto show, G.M. is ready to build a minimum of 25,000 Volts this coming year, which is more than twice the original goal.

Mr. Akerman expects that the Volt will become profitable within three years, as it moves into its second generation design which is being developed now. The Volt went to the market this past December and was designated as the North American Car of the Year at the Auto show’s media preview.

“The Volt is not the ultimate solution,” Mr. Akerson said at the Automotive News World Congress. “It’s a glimpse at what is possible.”


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