Business Schedules during the Christmas Holiday Season

The Christmas holiday season has many implications, but one of the most prominent is shopping. Consumerism rises significantly between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and retailers are struggling to keep up with hordes of shoppers, long hours and increasingly busy schedules.

The winter holiday season is one of the longest holiday seasons of the year, and businesses all over the world often change their policies and services in an effort to meet unusual or urgent demands during this period. In fact, Puerto Rico has one of the longest Christmas holiday seasons in the world; it extends all the way to Three Kings Day. Banks and other companies on the island have tweaked their schedules to accommodate both staffers and customers during this time. Doral Bank, for example, announced that it would be open throughout December 24th and 31st, and would be closed during the first week of January.

Many businesses have decided to remain open for 24 hours prior to Christmas in hopes of appeasing last-minute customers. Short shopping hours combined with the stress of planning holiday celebrations make 24-hour availability extremely valuable, especially as time runs out.

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